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A Possible Way To Prevent Corona According To WHO

People who become infected feel some illness and recover; however, it can be dangerous to others. Take proper care of yourself and protect others by doing the possible ways to prevent corona as per WHO –


  • Wash your hands frequently: Wash your hands using soap, handwash, and water or clean them with an alcohol-based sanitizer thoroughly and regularly, as this will kill viruses that may be surviving on your hands.
  • Maintain social distancing: If a person is sneezing or coughing, then keep a minimum of 3 feet or 1-meter distance between yourself and that person. It is so, if someone sneezes or coughs, they spray little droplets from their mouth or nose, which may have a virus, and if you are very near, you can breathe in droplets, incorporating the Coronavirus if that person has the disease.
  • Avoid touching mouth, eyes, and nose: Hands can pick up viruses by touching surfaces. So, the virus can reach your mouth, eyes, or nose. And then, it can make you sick by entering into your body.
  • Practice respiratory hygiene: While coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with tissue or bend elbow and then discard the tissue instantly. As droplets spread the virus, this can save people around you from COVID-19, flu, or cold.
  • Seek medical care early if you experience cough, difficulty breathing, and cough: Local and national authorities will have the latest data on the condition in your region. So, immediately contact the medical to take you to the right health facility rapidly. It will help in preventing the spread of viruses and other infections and also protect you.
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