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Possible Ways To Learn Music Within 1week

Are you a music enthusiast and want to learn music quickly but don’t have enough time? Now, you don’t need to worry about it as you can learn music within just one week. But how? Here you go!


1. Read through the whole score: You can carefully read through the notes from the beginning to the last or can do various rounds of score reading and pay heed to various parts all the time. 

2. Listen to recordings, make notes: If you think of listening to others’ recordings with the score, then write down everything that you think of worth. 

3. Play through the whole part one, slowly. Make notes again: You should try feeling the structure, phrasing, and how the sentences respond or follow to each other. Make notes again by stopping anytime.

4. Split the piece into parts: It would be simpler for you if you split the piece into two halves, these two into two more, and then little phrased in 5 sections. And then you’ll realize how these can merge into bigger sections.

5. Make use of several ways for distinct passages: If you feel one section is specifically difficult, then take time to learn it and experience that it will make your technique. 

6. Put every section together: Try to communicate the story after mastering technical things and tell the story.

7. If you find any problem, repeat steps 5 and 6.


It’s high time to share your music with someone after hours of practice.

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