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Why France Cafe Charges 7 Pounds For Coffee?

After reminding people to look after their manners, a France Café had attained international fame. Prices displayed at a café in France recommend that a bit of politeness will add more sugar to the costs for a cup of coffee. 


You have to pay 7 Euros by ordering merely ‘a coffee,’ of worth 9.5 dollars, as per the prices mentioned on the chalkboard menu at the Le Petite Syrah Café. But, if you include ‘please,’ then the price drops to 4.25 Euros, approximately 6 dollars. 


The politeness discount even drops more to 1.4 Euros or two bucks, if you say, ‘Good Morning, a coffee, please.’

In a country whose waiters are popular for their discerned discourtesy, that takes some initiative. It became nearly mandatory, as per the café owner Fabrice Pepino. He began to observe that during lunchtime, when people ordered coffee, they are somewhat more stressed and rude. 


The sign, motivated by those he noticed in Italy and France, began as a joke – he has not at all priced more than 1.4 Euros for a coffee. He thought that it isn’t legal. However, this made his customers consider distinctly. 

‘They began at the starting to say, ‘Hi, your highness, will you serve me one of your delicious coffees,’ he mentioned, ‘overstating it even more courteous than the sign to attempt and take free coffee.’


Nevertheless, it delighted customers and assisted them to relax. The owner mentioned the sign prompted that we are still humans, and even if the guest is the President, it doesn’t matter.

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